Product managers were getting inconsistent estimates, processes, and deliverables from the UX team. UX members were inefficient and inconsistent in their execution. 


Researched various methodologies, aligned and guided the creation of a strong, easy to adopt, UX process with levels of engagement. Conducted several iterative reviews with with UX and Product Management, then put it to use in two projects. The process was a success after a few tweaks and rolled out to the entire global organization. 


The double diamond denoted 4 stages for which work was done became the foundation for the process. While the activities within each phase varied, it was clear where the actives belonged and what specific artifacts were expected in each phase at minimum. The four phases were complimented with four defined levels for reference by product management as an aid in engaging UX and sizing the effort to fit the business goals. This was super helpful to knowing for example wether the effort needed research. 

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